The Attention Span of a Fruit Fly

That about sums up 80% of us today. With an information overload at our fingertips, and a dopamine hit always a nanosecond away, our brains are no longer wired for attention and focus.

Which makes marketing, whether it’s B2B or B2C, an increasingly difficult and fragmented task for many companies.


Gone are the days of a few major TV networks to rely on to carry a message to the masses, or a few news sites to visit on a daily basis. And you can now add online banner ads to the landfill of marketing techniques, with up to 1/3 of people installing ad blockers on their browser.

So where do you turn for your B2B marketing? As this Forbes article puts it nicely, peer-to-peer and word of mouth are valuable sources of information for B2B buyers. They offer social proof; think of it as online way of meeting a neighbour outside and asking what they think of their new lawnmower. Peer-to-peer content and endorsement is something that cuts (pun intended - see lawnmower reference in previous sentence) through the noise of our busy, distracted online lives.

Another piece makes it even more clear: “75% of B2B buyers are influenced by information found on social media”.

All of this means if content is king, influencers are the town criers. People are still reading, albeit online and quickly; LinkedIn, for B2B marketers, is still gaining in popularity.

Great content marketing agencies - along with great online resources like Buzzsumo - can locate and engage these influencers for you.

Jeff Funnekotter