Blockchain, AI, Fintech, Industry 4.0, IoT, Oh my!

After a number of years in the business, a content provider learns to learn quickly. It's an essential skill in today's lightning-quick pace of doing business.


We just tuned in to some tutorial videos on Industry 4.0, to keep pace with something that has popped in some client materials this week. 

An explanatory video from Siemens - and subsequent one from Volkswagen - showcases what Industry 4.0 means for companies, as well as their factories and employees -  as we move forward into realms that we commoners can only barely understand.

But understand we must, or we risk falling behind further every month, and every passing year. And so we learn, continuously. Content providers today must keep up, or they'll fall down.

And we become content ninjas, learning fast, moving even faster - becoming pseudo-experts in areas quickly so we can turn around and produce relevant material in days.

As this is being written, work has been submitted for a Montreal-based blockchain company, and a Calgary-based financial technology start-up; and we just edited a document that brought Industry 4.0 to our attention. All topics that we hadn't had to produce content for - much less even think of - a year ago.

Thanks to our clients, we're learning more and more every day.

Jeff Funnekotter