B2B companies: To Instagram or Not to Instagram?


Later in 2018, Instagram is expected to pass the 1 billion user mark. It's rare air, for sure. Only Facebook and YouTube have more users.

But isn't Instagram only the spot for foodies, fitness freaks and phonies? Where vacuous "influencers" have seemingly tapped into a few million gullible people to make money for the sake of being an online persona?

Where is the space for B2B companies on Instagram, if there is a space at all? And does the photo-heavy platform even support the idea of getting a message out to other companies?

We're asking this question ourselves, both for our clients and our own business. The case is looking more and more compelling.

For starters, according to Entrepreneur.comInstagram receives more engagement than any other network, with 84 times more than Twitter, 54 times more than Pinterest and 10 times more than its older sibling, Facebook. 

To boot, there's evidence that 75% of visitors to an Instagram profile click on a link (e.g. your own website). This is valuable stuff.

For businesses wanting to see a direct return on investment, the analytics are out there but can be tricky to turn into dollars and euros; but a better way to see IG is to view it as an engagement channel, for awareness and relationship-building - one that gives you an opportunity to represent your brand well. 

So, how should B2B companies do Instagram and do it well? This Hubspot post is a tidy summary, at the end of which it advises "Take the time to discover Instagram". We're doing just that.