Nike, Colin, and the State of Content

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Certainly, anyone who's turned on their phone or computer in the past day has seen the words "Colin", "Nike" and "Just Do It". A content coup for Nike, no doubt - despite the many comments and images of people burning their Nike gear. 

As this Bloomberg article reports, the coverage has been mostly neutral or positive, despite the number of social media posts showing people burning their Nike apparel. 

But while the ad is great for Nike, is it great for society as a whole?

Is it even the responsibility of a content creator (Nike in this case) to care about the broader impact? They're among the world's foremost marketers - so they knew well in advance what kind of responses and exposure it would generate, along with the immediate division of loyalties across racial and patriotic lines.

The question they - and all of us really - should be considering is whether it makes sense to add to the ever-growing polarization of society.

These days the best way to get noticed or heard is to yell louder and have a more extreme position. It's not overly hard in today's environment to set off a firestorm by taking up a loud position, and get your brand name in the headlines. 

But just because you can - should you just do it?




Jeff Funnekotter