"I rarely get to see my kids. That's a risk you have to take"

"That's a risk you have to take"? Sorry, but (cough)lls*it.

No, you don't have to take it. Your business will be fine.

Those who do choose business over child-rearing are also risking their marriage and their kids' ability to become well-adjusted adults. Knowing how fast kids grow up, it's also just plain sad.

The supposed quoter of the the above quote is a app creator named Andrew Kemendo, featured in a recent Apple ad.  Some suggest that Mr Kemendo never actually said this. (It is today's social media world, after all - just part of the say something/receive outrage/debunk/re-bunk cycle). 

Either way, it's a lousy sentiment to read, and one that is no doubt followed by too many businesspeople these days. The far greater risk lies in rarely seeing your kids. 

If Apple is really promoting this as some kind of hard work virtue, a path to success that requires some hard choices - well, there's gotta be a better way.

Kids need their parents around more, period. It makes for happier kids - and very likely happier adults too.